PD Dr. Eva Knop

My research is centred on testing principles and mechanisms structuring biodiversity, species interactions, and ecosystem functioning, from the local to the global scale. Furthermore, I have a strong interest in how global change affects biodiversity and community processes, and what the ecological and evolutionary consequences are. I am a member of the URPP Global Change and Biodiversity of the University of Zürich, and lead the team biodiversity-environment interactions at Agroscope.

Dr. Felix Neff

In my research, I am interested in how insect communities have been and are shaped by environmental conditions in general and human-induced global change in particular. I use various approaches such as time-series analyses, functional traits and interaction networks to shed new light into how global change, insect communities and ecosystem functioning are interrelated. Please find more information on my website and the website of Agroscope

Marco Barandun

My PhD project aims to identify the key drivers of biodiversity in mountain grasslands. Using field surveys and a historical dataset, I will assess which grassland management regimes effectively support biodiversity and how these interact with environmental conditions, landscape structure and land-use history. 

Sina Blösch

My PhD project evaluates the effectiveness of in-field measures for restoring sky lark populations and functional biodiversity. Furthermore, I am testing the underlying mechanisms driving the observed pattern.

Susanna Hempel

My PhD project aims to unravel the combined effects of land use and climate change on plant-invertebrate communities in marginal alpine grasslands. I will further compare biodiversity values of vascular plants and iconic key animal taxa in short- and long-term abandoned grasslands as well as grasslands under conservation management within different European case study areas.

Vincent Grognuz

My PhD project aims to quantify the indirect impact of artificial light at night on the structure of diurnal plant-pollinator interaction networks. We are conducting large-scale field experiments as well as garden and greenhouse studies to unravel the underlying mechanisms.

Dr. Eliane Meier

My research focuses on small to large scaled spatio-temporal patterns of biodiversity. In particularly, using data of a large monitoring program on farmland species and habitats (ALL-EMA), I disentangle how land-use and environmental factors drives farmland biodiversity and biotic interactions. I am based at Agroscope. Please find more details on my website or on google scholar.

Dr. Gisela Lüscher

I am interested in species community patterns from small to large scales. My research focuses on appropriate indicators to describe biodiversity and its drivers, e. g. environmental and land-use factors, or abiotic and biotic interactions. In particularly, I use data of a Swiss monitoring program on farmland species and habitats (ALL-EMA) to investigate biodiversity in space and time. I am based at Agroscope. Please find more details on my website.

Dr. Chantal Herzog

I am a biologist with a strong motivation in the field of agro-ecology and conservation biology. My key focus is on promoting biodiversity and ecosystem functioning through sustainable resource use in agricultural systems. In the ALL-EMA monitoring program, my main functions are the project office, public outreach, policy advice, and data analysis. I am based at Agroscope Zurich and my research can be found on my website, Google Scholar or ORCiD.

Alexander Indermaur

As part of the ALL-EMA project, I train and supervise a team of botanists. Further, I do own botanical and phytosciological surveys, I am  responsible for data processing, and I help with the statistical analyses and the methodological development of the project.

Jonas Winizki

Within the monitoring program on farmland species and habitats (ALL-EMA), I am responsible for the support of technical devices. As I am a GIS-specialist I generate and prepare spatial data needed in the database of the project. i am based at Agroscope. Please find more details on my website.

Sina Helfenberger

In my MSc Project I investigate how soundscape is linked to the land-use-intensity and the biodiversity of arthropods and plants. I will do so by recording the sounds on the sites of the monitoring program ALL-EMA.

Julia Curty

In my MSc project I investigate how artificial light at night affects the interactions between plants and herbivores.

Sophia Wechsler

In my MSc project, I investigate how temperature affects the larval fitness of different butterfly species and how this correlates with their thermoregulatory ability.

Flavienne Landolt

In my MSc project I investigate the impact of artificial light at night on herbivores and how this indirectly affects daytime pollinators.

Fabienne Selinger

I do my project with Dr. Birgen Haest from the Swiss Ornithological Station on the biomass and diversity of flying insects close to the ground and in the airspace, and I am co-supervised by Eva Knop.

Enzo Bertolo

Being passionate about nature and its inhabitants since childhood, I completed a bachelor in Nature Management. Now I work as a field assistant for the project to assess the indirect impact of artificial light on the plant-diurnal pollinators interaction.

Lab Alumni

Lara Plattner, MSc student, 2022-2023

Lara Scherer, MSc student, 2021-2022

Kiera Macdonald, MSc student, 2021-2022

Majken Grimm, MSc student, 2021-2022

Dr. Dina Zografou, post-doctoral fellow, 2020-2022

Dr. Issaad Ezzine, post-doctoral fellow, 2020-2021

Nemanja Savanovic, 2020-2021

Florian Walter, MSc student, 2021

Angelina Arquint, MSc student, 2020-2021

Levi Fuchs, MSc student, 2020-2021

Dr. Simone Giavi, PhD student 2016-2020

Géraldine Chavey, MSc student 2018–2019

Dr. Dominik Ganser, PhD student 2016–2019

Olivia Küchler, MSc student 2016–2017

Barbara Mayr, MSc student 2015–2017

Matthias Kyburz, MSc student 2015–2017

Dr. Miriam Zemanova, PhD student 2012-2016

Raquel Lazaro, MSc student 2014–2016

Leana Zoller, MSc student 2015–2016

Nadia Muhthassim, MSc student 2014–2016

Maurin Hörler, BSc student 2015

Katrin Luder, MSc student 2015–2016

Laurence Etter, BSc student 2016

Sandra Trösch, MSc student 2014–2015

Remo Ryser, MSc student 2014–2015

Christopher Gerpe, MSc student 2014–2015

Fabian Hofmann, BSc student 2014

Stefan Ursenbach, BSc student 2014

Dr. Tabea Turrini, PhD student 2011-2014

Andreas Burri, MSc student 2012–2014

Tamara Blattmann, MSc student 2011–2013

Sandro Schläppi, MSc student 2012–2013

Jan Zünd, MSc student 2011–2013

Marlies Niklaus, BSc student 2012

Nicole Rindlisbacher, MSc student 2010–2012

Anna-Maria Bottini, MSc student 2010–2012

Nick Reusser, MSc student 2009–2011

Dr. Izabela Hajdamowicz, scientific visitor 2011, Siedlce University of Sciences and Humanities, Poland

Dr. Marzena Stańska, scientific visitor 2011, Siedlce University of Sciences and Humanities, Poland

Sophie Ryser, BSc student 2010

Niculin Töndurri, BSc student 2009