Our general research focus is on investigating and predicting how human activity leads to the decline of endangered species, changes in species communities, modifies how species interact, and how it impacts the ecosystem functions they provide. Also, we are interested in developing and testing the effectiveness of conservation measures in the field in order to stop the ongoing decline of biodiversity and key ecosystem functions. We focus particularly on human activity that brings about different types of land-use change (urbanization, intensification of agriculture, deforestation), biological invasions, and the use of artificial light at night. Our research is field-oriented and combines integrated methods that include landscape, garden, and laboratory experiments. We often consider different spatial and temporal scales, and involve a variety of ecosystems and organisms, including plants, various groups of invertebrates, and birds.

The group is affiliated with the URPP Global Change and Biodiversity of the University of Zürich and is part of the Division Agroecology and Environment at Agroscope.