Interested in our work?

I am always looking for motivated students who want to work in my group. Please find below descriptions of positions which are currently announced. In addition, we are always happy to discuss and develop ideas, and the website is still under construction. So please contact me directly in case you are interested in doing a MSc or PhD thesis or joining the group as a postdoctoral fellow.

Please contact me at:

PD Dr. Eva Knop
Agroscope Reckenholz
Reckenholzstr. 191
8046 Zürich, Switzerland 

Email: eva.knop[@]



MSc project on bottom-up control of insect Diversity in the low-Arctic Tundra.  


MSc project on indirect effects of artificial light at night on plant-pollinator interactions and pollination.  


MSc Project on using drones for monitoring nests of skylarks in the field of agro-ecology. 


MSc project on using novel radar techniques to discover aerial insect migration and abundances.

MSc project on the relationship between habitat diversity and ecosystem functioning.